The Spiritual Power Pack [2 Amethyst Clusters + FREE Mini Quartz Sphere]

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WHOA! Check out this special combo of Divine Blessed Crystals we put together for you. It's our 'Spiritual Power Set' — the perfect combination for guidance, calming, intuition, and meditation.

First is our outstanding healing-powered infused Amethyst Chunks from Brazil. Amethyst is known to be rich in energy for tranquility, meditation, cleansing properties and deep spiritual energy.

You'll be sent TWO of these chunks, one medium and one small. Plus we will include a FREE Mini Quartz Sphere. This will keep your amethyst chunks clean and clear and activated. 

 Together these crystals will infuse your mind, body, and spirit with high spiritual elements, calm your mind, and ignite your intuition.

Size and color of Amethyst vary, mostly ranging from 1" to 4.  They have come to us  from Brazil.