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. Energy is Everything...if you want to be positive, prosperous, and happy, then you know taking care of your energy is key. This is why we created Clear the Negative Energy Kit for you.

There's nothing worse than having sticky, negative energy on you or around you! And when that heavy energy gets into your home or office, you feel it and it is an energy drain. Now's the time to clear that negative energy once and for all...

Let's talk about energy for a moment. Everything IS energy. All of our worries and doubts can create a "negative energy force." Actually what is happening is that our "aura" or "strata" is getting dirty and needs a good cleanse.

Introducing Clear the Negative Energy Kit™! 

We've put together the exact crystals, stones, and sound healing meditation to purify your energy for a soul sparkle. Each piece has a role to play and we are going to show you how to clear your energy.

Here's what is included in the Clear the Negative Energy Kit™ — 

CHAKRA EXTRACTOR: The Crown Jewel of this kit is the Black Obsidian Chakra Extractor. These are incredibly powerful. Not only is it a crystal of exquisite quality that has gone through our 3-step process (as all of our crystals), but this specific cut is designed to help release deeper levels of stuck and stagnant energy- especially from chakras.  (Value $50)

BRAZILIAN SMOKY QUARTZ MINI SPHERE:  This little guy is meant to go with you so you have it whenever you need it. Smoky quartz is grounding and does a great job of absorbing negative energy and EMFs, so this is perfect to use throughout the day. (Value: $22)

SELENITE CRESCENT MOON TRAY: Selenite is incredibly cool. We included it for two important reasons. First, selenite does a great job cleansing energy. Its light, porous quality allows it to draw out unwanted quality without absorbing it. 

Thus the second reason we wanted you to have this- it never needs to be cleaned. 

It's in the shape of a tray, so you can place your other smaller crystals in it for some cleansing.  (Value: $30)

GOLDEN SANDSTONE MINI SPHERE: Gold Sandstone will calm your emotions and revitalize your energy field. It's known to support ambition, confidence, and a positive outlook on life. The gold sparkly color will help you harmonize relationships and attract abundance.  (Value: $22)

 PAOLO SANTO and SELENITE STICK: A lot of people don't know this, but not all incense is created equal. For example, sage is great for cleansing lower energies, but doesn't have a super-wide spectrum. And just because something is higher frequency doesn't mean it's clean...

We chose Palo Santo for this kit because it does an amazing job at cleaning a very broad spectrum of energies. It's at once earthy and grounding as well as spiritually uplifting. The Selenite Stick is perfect for quick chord cutting or to cleanse jewelry, crystals and keep your Paolo Santo high vibe! (Value: $15)

MUSHROOM: Our real "Magic Mushrooms" are hand-carved out of various crystals and stones. Mushrooms represent detox and clearing as well as grounding. We'll intuitively choose the perfect mushroom for your kit! (Value: $22)

INCENSE SHORTIES: We'll toss in 10 of our fav shorties to add some extra bliss to your kit. (Value $5)

ASH CATCHER: Included in your Clear the Negative Energy Kit is one of our wooden Ash Catchers. Perfect for your Incense Shorties or to as a base for the Chakra Extractor. (Value $10)

SOUND BATH MEDITATION and INVOCATION: Inside the kit you'll receive a special QR code that will open up a page with complete instructions on how to use your Clear the Negative Energy Kit. (Value: $77)

As well, we have a unique Sound Bath for you. Nick Hansinger, the Mystic Next Door, created the perfect energetic clearing sound bath to use with your crystals.

Together this is 

over $250 in value put together inside one cosmic kit!

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