Lemurian Chunk

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This is an exquisite chunk of Lermurian Quartz Crystal from Brazil.  

Lemurian Crystals, also referred to as Lemurian Seed Crystals or Lemurian Star Crystals are considered a Master Crystal. They are a form of Quartz Crystals and are encoded with ancient knowledge. You will see this in the "bars" or striations on the crystal.

Legends from the metaphysicians state the Lemurian crystals come from an ancient and highly spiritually developed society of Lemuria, similar to Atlantis.

They came upon the end of their time on Mother Earth and chose to program the crystals with specific knowledge to carry forward — mostly to enhance our ONENESS to Source and each other.

As the Lemurians are  "seeded" with ancient knowledge, you may use this precious crystal as an information piece during meditation, prayer, or any time. Since it is already programmed, we choose to activate each piece for the soul who purchases it.

This piece is fascinating. You will see where it broke off from Mother Earth or another piece of Lemurian.

It is approx 4 inches by 3 inches and weighs 10 ounces. It's odd shape gives it flare and the knowledge bars are incredible!