Mother Earth— our original healer and creator of the mystical chill pills: Crystals.

We've been hearing from many of our clients that entry into 2022 feels a wee bit "heavy". So, we wanted to share a meditation you can do with your crystal to release burdens, emotional pain, heavy or negative energy. 

That heavy energy will not help you navigate the world or realize your dreams. 

Meditating with your favorite crystal or stone is a powerful way to cleanse the energy and tap into your deep desires and goals.

1) Sit quietly. Hold a meditation sphere, palm stone, or tumbler in your palm. If you do not have a crystal or stone, use a flower or twig from outside. Take 3 deep breaths. 

2) Close your eyes. Feel into the rock. Be willing to release any pain as that is your part in this. Let go.

3) State the following: Mother Earth, Spirit, Universe, God, I release the pain and burden I've been carrying. I send it into my crystal to transmute into the exact opposite: love, harmony, joy, peace.

4) Let go and let flow. If emotions come up, that is ok. Be in the now and allow your crystal to work for you.

The universe abhors a vacuum. Now it is time to state what you want to be filled up with!

Need ideas on crystals for releasing? Here are a few that we love to use:

Orange Calcite- brings joy and prosperity into the system

Orange Calcite
One of our favorites is Green Moonstone, the Manifesting Stone. Hold it and feel the power within.
Written by The Blessed Crystal Co

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